Hi there!

My name is Thomas van de Moosdijk.

Let me show you something about myself as an industrial

As an industrial designer, I strive to enhance people’s capabilities in their everyday lives through enabling new interactions with the digital world through making use of new technologies. To this end, I envision people to make use of these novel interactions to be able to create meaning for themselves, whether with artefacts that they are used to, or novel artefacts. Additionally, these new interactions can lead to finding meaning in new situations, as well as different meaning in existing ones.

During my master, I have noticed that by disrupting people’s conceptions of interacting with technology that they are used to, new outputs could be made possible. For example, in my final master project, I added gestural control to an otherwise highly tactile instrument which lead to musicians envisioning new ways of changing their sound and finding novel uses for the design.

An example of allowing for people to create value in new ways, can be illustrated by a project that I did for the Effenaar, in which I envisioned to transform the way that partygoers experience their night at the music venue through the use of novel technologies such as augmented- and virtual reality.

However, when pursuing these new capabilities, people’s preconceptions of the way they see the world have to be taken into account. Because new innovations rely in a large part on the cognitive functions of their users, their ability to incorporate them into their lives is limited. Therefore, taking these users, their context and sensitivities into account when designing with for new interactions is crucial.

Software development
C++ / Arduino

Hardware development
Circuit/PCB design
Rapid prototyping

UX research

UX Design


Fusion 360
Adobe Creative Suite 
Microsoft Office

Creative problem solving

Project management

I thrive when working in situations where there’s a balance between human-centered and high tech design and enjoy combining these two worlds. I am analytical and empathetic, while still being critical of the information that I receive.
I am at my best when working with others, as I find that insights are most likely found through conversation and working together. This is also why I am a big proponent of sharing knowledge and skills as much as possible. It gives me great satisfaction to work towards a shared goal and I’m not afraid to put in the work that is required to do so.

In my way of working, I quickly iterate through the use of prototypes that are of the highest fidelity possible in the given situation. By doing so, I can create a conversation between the intended user and myself, gaining valuable insights into their opinion and needs.
I am highly curious and I enjoy making new connections cognitively. I am always on the lookout for new skills and knowledge that I can use during my projects.
Finally, as a designer I strive to incorporate as much intelligence in my designs as possible, enabling novel interactions that allow for new insights and forms of expression.