Flexibility in digital toolkits

For my graduation project at Applied Psychology, I used LittleBits to research flexibility in a digital toolkit and observed the way students aged 10 design with the toolkit LittleBits.
My work consisted of doing desk research into design based learning and 21st century skills, how creativity and flexibility are connected and how this shows in working with digital toolkits. What this showed me, is that fluid and easy interaction with a toolkit are the most important aspects of creativity, and immediate feedback is the most important aspect of flexibility in the target group. Additionally, the research showed that secondary conditions such as the documentation and transparency of the toolkit, are just as important as the flexibility of the toolkit itself. 

The project was performed for both the faculty of applied psychology of the Fontys in Eindhoven, as well as the faculty of industrial design at the TU/e.

Skills used:

UX Research, UX Design