Burnout is a big health issue in the Netherlands, leading to a shortened lifespan and higher healthcare costs for more than a quarter million people each year. A group of people that experience a high level of burnout and burnout related complaints are healthcare professionals.

Preliminary research showed that stress is a precursor to a burnout, which directed the project towards designing a solution for stressful situations that healthcare professionals experience This predominantly included the fact that they often have trouble asking for- and finding help effectively.

The design aimed to do this with the help of a wireless arduino compatible board, a button and an RGB led in a 3D printed enclosure. To ask for help, a healthcare professional pushes a button, which makes the light of the remotes of others light up, so they can respond by pressing the button. User tests and subsequent interviews showed positive response which partially validated the design decisions that shaped the design and gave insights into further development possibilities.

Skills used:
Prototyping, Software development, C++/Arduino, UX research, UX Design