Pressure sensor

(Home)brewers are characterised by being very much interested in the way that their brewing process is progressing. This is because brewing in and of itself is a relatively non-transparant process. One spends a day brewing, after which several weeks of wait time are to be allotted in which measurements are to be done as little as possible as to minimise the chance of infections that could ruin a whole batch. After this period, the beer is bottled and another several weeks have to be waited before the beer can be consumed.
There have already been several projects that aim to give insight into the fermentation of the beer, but not the conditioning of the beer in bottles. This is why I am working on a sensor that measures that pressure inside a bottle of beer. When the slope of the increase in pressure flattens, it is time to put the beer into a cold environment, as to increase shelf life and ensure a good taste.
The sensor helps to give insight into the process, allowing (home)brewers to pick the optimal time to relocate their beers and ensure maximum insight into the process with minimal intervention.

Skills used:

Prototyping, Circuit design, PCB Design, C++/Arduino, UX Research