During my master’s, a fellow student and I were employed by the Effenaar, a music venue in Eindhoven to create a new concept for their partygoers with the aim of having a more connected experience.
To achieve this, we have created an augmented reality platform, with which they can upload pictures of themselves during their evening to a shared screen. Additionally, the artists had the ability to communicate in the same way with the crowd.
We envisioned partygoers to be able to walk through a virtual-reality Effenaar recreation and see the selfies pop-up in the venue at the timeand place they were taken.


In this project, I was mainly in charge of building an internet-connected, augmented reality application in Unity that we deployed on Android phones. This project deepened my programming skills, as well as it made me more familiar with ways to deal with environmental- and hardware limitations in augmented reality situations.


Skills used:
Prototyping, C++/Arduino, Interaction design, UX Design, UX Research, Unity3D, Vuforia SDK